Love of my life…

“You make me dream
By the look in your eyes
You give me the feel, I’ve been longing for
I wanna give you my soul
All my life
Cause you are the one I’ve been waiting for
I’ve been waiting for so long.”

(Scorpions-“When you came into my life”)

Undressing me with his eyes…holding me gently and still so tight in his arms. I know he can feel my heart beating faster and the warmth of my skin, like fire burning under his touch. His hands go slowly on my necked shoulders, while his warm breath on my neck is giving me goose bumps. He takes his time, never rushing these precious moments, savoring the smell of roses on my skin. My favorite perfume…cause every time i wear it my body feels mesmerized and i picture myself in his arms, making love…

He knows from the tremble of my body…he sensed what i want, what i’m longing for…He’s smiling, holding my face in his hands, his gaze going down on my lips. I remember the taste of his kiss…i wanna feel it again…I’m biting my bottom lip waiting, needing his touch…he’s caressing my hair making me feel safe and i wanna tell him…but his kiss surprises me…feeling his lips pressing against my lips, gently parting them and going inside…letting a soft moan escape when he feels the softness of my mouth. The hunger in his kiss makes my body responding and i’m melting in his arms. He’s having the total control over my senses, my body rushing into a new found sensation of pleasure…

Deep inside my conscious mind i wonder…does he really knows the power he has over my body and soul…can he really feel how i’m longing for his touch…his hands exploring my body, his mouth tasting, kissing, biting, teasing…letting all my inhibitions aside to give myself to him…completely and without any restrains…how could i deny him anything when he’s already having my heart and soul…the pleasure i’m feeling is beyond physical attraction…it’s the feeling of a spiritual bonding…It’s much more than making love…it’s letting him have the most intimate places in my heart…fulfilling all my fantasies and giving me the greatest gift: making him happy…

And sometimes i long for this…knowing that i brought a smile to his face, feeling his pleasure and desire. knowing he wants me just like i want him…there’s nothing i wouldn’t do to give him the feeling of fulfillment…being completely his is the safest feeling and the sweetest pleasure i ever felt…and when i’m lying in his arms, there’s no other place i could call home…and i never felt like this before…my vulnerability turned into strength…living and loving the way i know i can make him proud…

He’s the love of my life, my guardian angel and the One i never even dreamed to met in this lifetime. My love for him…beyond any reason or judgement, beyond any rule. Totally trusting, with a faith that amazes me…and getting stronger day by day. Love is giving, generously carrying and lightening the life of the loved one…

My love…Michael…this is for you…thank you for being here…for teaching me how to live beautiful and how to love completely.

Forever yours. 

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